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Congratulations on being  the 2019 resurgent Show! 

We are musicians for musicians –––so we are excited to collaborate with you. 


The reSURGEnt Musical Celebration event is a continuous celebration of cultural self expression through vocal and instrumental art, with live performances from local and international bands, artists and DJ’s from multiple genres and cultures, held at locations such as local clubs, Festivals, and Corporate events, etc., This event expands to an international showcase performance by a select group of performers who embodies our vision. 


This is a REGGAE event, with an infusion of Jazz and Blues and a touch of DanceHall. A style of music that our fans have come to know and love for over 20 years, and is made successful in part by the collaboration with  vocalists, and musicians such as yourself.  If you are surfing the internet, talking to friends and family, looking for a new experience, or just to collaborate with and learn something new and exciting we would like to invite you to participate in an experience that is uniques, and packed full of opportunity to learn from and artists who have been in the business of creating music ––a sound, performing Reggae music around the world for over 20 years. (We reserve the right to reject a submission without notice to you)


We are gearing up for our show at the Velvet Note on the 29th, and will continue to add more events to our event list. 

Time: Showcase starts promptly at 6pm. All Performers must arrive by 5:30pm to check-in and receive their performance slot. There will be a eSURGEnt Musical Celebration representative at the check-in desk who will be ready to assist you. (Times and location may change)


Location: TBD

Fee: A $30 showcase entry fee for individuals or $50.00 for groups, is due immediately upon submission of your interest to perform.

For Musicians interested in joining to be added to our band roster:

Showcase Performance Time: Your showcase will be your performance of selected songs in the player below (Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Drums, Sax, etc.,).  All performers will have a total of 20 minutes to introduce themselves and perform a solo on their respected instrument, or vocal backup of the songs, etc.

For Performers wanting to perform our upcoming events:

Your showcase will be your performance of your selected song on tracks. You must email your track / instrumental / music to info@shadereggae.com with "Performer for upcoming event name" in the subject heading. If selected, you will perform at the event you submitted for. 

We are accepting Showcases for the following instruments:

  • Saxophone

  • Percussions (Drums)

  • KeyBoard

  • Lead Guitar

Instructions for the performer wanting to perform our upcoming events:


1) Click link below to pay the submission fee (SUBMISSION FEE DOES NOT GUARANTEE PERFORMANCE!)


Individuals  ....................... $30.00 Individual Submission  payment link - Pay Here

Group  .......................... $50.00 Group Submission payment link- Pay Here

2)  Upon completion of payment, you will receive a Transaction Number (i.e. Transaction number: 67dhetsejn). This order number is your reference number.


Please send an email to booking@shadereggae.com with the Transaction number in the subject area along with the words "your name for upcoming event". Your name must be included in the subject of your e-mail for your submission to be routed properly.


3)  Upon receipt of  your e-mail, you will receive notification-verifying our receipt of your submission.


The chosen musician, backup singers, or performer(s) will be notified via email. Please ensure that you include a contact number as well as a picture with your submission. You will not be considered if this information is not included in your initial submission e-mail.


Thank you for your interest in The reSURGEnt Musical Celebration.


If you have any questions please e–mail them to the Entertainment Coordinator at info@shadereggae.com



Company Name: In Motion Records

Email: info@shadereggae.com

🇯🇲 1(876) 336-4032 

🇺🇸 (470) 400-9304

We reserve the right to make changes to these instructions and terms as necessary without notice to you. To ensure you have the most current information please check this page often.

Terms & Conditions: 

ALL SUBMISSION SALES ARE FINAL. AT our discretion and upon request we may choose to refund your submission fee if you decide to not attend the showcase. Request for refunds must be submitted in writing.  Submit request to info@shadereggae.com. A 25% administrative fee shall be deducted from any refunded amount. The refunded amount shall be given within 30 days of our receipt of your written request. No request for refunds will be accepted one 10 days prior to the event date.